Launch Loyalty, powered by Careington, has been a pioneer in the discount dental industry and is a clear leader in dental plan administration.

Whether you administer your own in-house plan and want to take it to the next level or want to have it built from the ground up, Launch Loyalty, powered by Careington, can help!

We can aggregate vision, LASIK & Rx to add value to your plan at no cost!

Advantages of In-House Discount Plans

Offering an in-house discount plan has multiple advantages that are paying tremendous dividends to the many groups already in the market with a private label plan. Here are just a few of the significant advantages that our DSO groups experience when partnering with us for their in-house discount plans.

  • Higher treatment plan acceptance rates, especially with mid-to high-dollar treatments
  • Patient acquisition and retention is greater through marketing of the plan
  • Increase bottom-line production through members of the plan
  • Brand recognition is far greater than just offering arbitrary discounts
  • Patient loyalty increases as they view their dentist as more of an overall health and wellness provider
  • Structured discounting across all offices that makes the most sense for your patient demographic

Why create an in-house discount plan with Launch Loyalty?

Take a look at why many DSO groups choose Launch Loyalty for their in-house discount plans.

Launch Loyalty offers fully customizable discount programs for DSOs.


We fully customize in-house discount plans that bring tremendous results to your practice. When you partner with us to create your discount plan, our first priority is to understand your organization and your standards. Each piece of the program is carefully crafted with these goals in mind, providing a level of customization that is second to none. While we will guide you in creating a competitive plan, you have the flexibility to create your own fee structures and plan pricing.

Launch Loyalty offers state-of-the-art administrative and support services to a broad range of cients and many DSOs.


We offer state-of-the-art administrative and support services to a broad range of clients, including many DSOs across the U.S. As the administrator of your plan, our role in providing support to your offices includes:

  • Custom branding and content creation
  • Website design, construction, ongoing maintenance and plan enhancements
  • Fulfillment kits, including membership cards
  • Customized reporting back to the group
  • Payment processing with recurring billing functionality
  • Flexibility in accepting various forms of payment methods: credit/debit cards, e-check, bank draft and cash
  • Customer service
Launch Loyalty is a leader and expert in discount healthcare regulations across the United States.


Launch Loyalty is a leader and expert in discount health care regulations across the United States. We offer our clients the full support and expertise of our Compliance Department to ensure all aspects of your discount plan meet all regulatory guidelines. We are a licensed Discount Plan Organization in all states that require licensure and are a founding member of the Consumer Health Alliance - the national trade association for discount health care programs.

Launch Loyalty's in-house design, web and copywriting teams can help with all DSO materials.

Marketing Expertise

Our in-house design, web and copywriting teams can create all plan materials, including brochures, handouts, posters, websites with online enrollment functionalities and more. Our marketing team is dedicated to developing compelling pieces for your program, and if you have a marketing team of your own, we will work with them to ensure that all branding guidelines and requirements are met.

Launch Loyalty's onsite, multi-lingual customer service provides best-in-class customer service Monday through Friday.

Customer Service

Our onsite, multi-lingual call center is dedicated to providing best-in-class customer service Monday - Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. CT. This team can assist your patients with pre-sale questions, enrollment, plan information, billing inquiries, account updates and more.

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